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Band Status

Simple Minds are touring and are working on material for a new album.

Simple Minds return to Scandanavia and Europe in 2014 for their "Greatest Hits 2014" tour.

The gig at The Hydro in Glasgow on 27 November has been filmed for a live DVD and is available to pre-order now.


May 2014 - Deluxe Live DVD

Jan-March 2014 -  Live Recordings of The Greatest Hits+ Live 2014

Jan 2014 - Big Music EP

Featured Products

Simple Minds Tour - Greatest Hits LIVE 2014 USB

Bleecker Street Entertainment are recording concerts in Simple Minds Tour - Greatest Hits LIVE 2014. The recordings are available to pre-order and will be available online and as USB sticks, shaped like the tour logo, after each concert.


Simple Minds Greatest Hits Plus 2013 cover

Concert Live are recording selected Simple Minds shows (Carlisle, Wolverhampton and Bournemouth) on the Greatest Hits + Tour 2013. The recordings can be purchaed online or immediately after the show.


Simple Minds Greatest Hits Plus 2 CD album cover

Simple Minds latest album "Greatest Hits Plus" is due for release on 25 March 2013.

The 2 CD version has 36 songs and the 3 CD has 50 songs along with a poster.


The Dark Flowers: Radioland album cover

The Dark Flowers first album, Radioland, was released on 21 January 2013. The album features contributions from several artists including Jim Kerr from Simple Minds.

More information at: The Dark Flowers.


Simple Minds Australia 2012 Live album cover

DiscLive Network recorded Simple Minds on their tour in Australia during 2012 and now have the recordings for sale.

The Deluxe versions of the recordings have an interview between US radio personality Redbeard and Simple Minds singer, Jim Kerr.


Simple Minds 5 x 5 Live album cover

Simple Minds live album, "5 X 5 Live", released 19 Nov 2012, is a collection of live tracks recorded during the critically acclaimed "5 x 5 Live" tour in 2012.

The album has 2 CDs, a booklet and tour poster.

Simple Minds Official Youtube

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